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AlienVault is simplifying the way organizations detect and respond to today’s ever evolving threat landscape. Our unique, award-winning approach combines the essential security controls of our all-in-one Unified Security Management platform with the power of AlienVault’s Open Threat Exchange, ...
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Beginner’s Guide to Threat Intelligence
Compliance Reporting with AlienVault® USM™: 2-Minute Overview
Watch Now!Having the right technology and expertise to achieve compliance can be challenging for organizations of any size. Staying compliant with PCI, HIPAA and other regulations requires the right security monitoring tools and the ability to produce audit-ready reports. AlienVault USM simplifies these compliance with:Integrated security controls including asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, file integrity monitoring and SIEM12-month log retention for cloud and on-premises assets— ...
How to Detect Fileless Attacks with Host-Based IDS in USM Anywhere
Register Now!Attackers have figured out how to bypass traditional antivirus software with fileless attacks designed to hide within sanctioned applications and even within the OS itself. Host-based intrusion detection systems (HIDS), which work by monitoring activity that is occurring internally on a host, are an effective way to detect these advanced attacks before they spread.Join this webcast to learn:How fileless attacks work and how they evade detection by most traditional antivirus software ...
AlienVault® USM vs. OSSIM™
Watch Now!This OSSIM vs USM video provides an overview of the differences and similarities between the two, as well as an explanation of their core capabilities.OSSIM, AlienVault’s Open Source Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) product, provides you with a feature-rich open source SIEM complete with event collection, normalization and correlation.For more advanced functionality, AlienVault’s USM platform puts built-in, essential security controls and threat intelligence into th ...
Top 10 PCI DSS Compliance Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them
Download Now!Despite the fact that PCI DSS has been in effect for over a decade, and most merchants are achieving compliance, some of the world’s largest retailers have still been hit by data breaches. The sad truth is that achieving compliance doesn’t guarantee data protection, even for large organizations.In this white paper, we’ll walk through the most common PCI DSS pitfalls, and what you can do to avoid them.Some examples include:• Failing to patch systems regularly• Failing ...
BLACK HAT 2018 SURVEY REPORT: Extortion, the Cloud, and the Geopolitical Landscape
Read Now!At Black Hat 2018, we surveyed attendees on diverse topics ranging from how to react to extortion, what impact thegeopolitical landscape is having on the industry, and whether the shiny veneer of the cloud is beginning to fade.Read this Survey Report to find out the results!Read Now!
Beginner’s Guide to SIEM
Download Now!Need a crash course on SIEM? No problem.Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platforms provide real-time correlation of events generated from network security controls. Our security gurus will explain what SIEM is (and isn’t) and how to get up and running with it quickly and painlessly.You'll learn everything you need to know about:• Critical information stored in your logs and how to leverage it for better security• Requirements to effectively perform log collecti ...
Beginner’s Guide to Brute Force and DDoS Attacks
Download Now!Although distributed denial of service and brute force attacks are relatively simple strategies for attackers to implement, they can wreak havoc on your organization if you don’t understand how to detect and respond to them appropriately. In this paper we’ll explore both types of attacks and provide guidance on what you should do if you encounter one.You'll read about:Different types of DDoS and brute force attacksHow to identify DDoS and brute force attacksDDoS and brute force ...
People and Passwords
In today's world, the Internet is a vast place filled with websites, services, and other content. Most content along with computers and other technology requires a password. The number of passwords a person has to know continues to grow. While it’s safe to say we use passwords to keep our accounts confidential, they can also be very frustrating and inconvenient to create and remember. The outcome is the use of simple, common passwords, same password on different accounts, and habits ...
Threat Detection with AlienVault® USM: 2-Minute Overview
Watch Now!AlienVault USM simplifies threat detection and analysis. Our unified platform includes pre-integrated tools combined with up-to-the-minute threat intelligence and delivers an easy, effective way to accelerate your threat detection and response. Additionally, our Kill Chain Taxonomy allows you to focus your attention on the most important threats, with attacks classified into five categories and contextual information to help you understand attack intent and threat severity quickly.Unli ...
How to Prepare for the Inevitable Security Incident with Digital Forensics Essentials
As soon as you detect a security incident or breach in your environment, things move fast. You need to be able to quickly ascertain what happened and how as well as which assets were involved, so that you can decide how to respond, mitigate impact, and report the incident to the business and any affected parties. In this critical time between detection and remediation, your digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) readiness is key to success.What does it take to be forensics-ready? Join Al ...

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