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Botnet Structures and Attacks

Botnets are a powerful tool for hackers and cybersecurity professionals. Composed of many connected and “infected” devices, botnets are used to carry out user actions on a grand scale. This article explores popular examples of botnets, their structures, and the types of attacks that utilize botnets. Botnets

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VoIPhreaking: Phone Phreaking for the 21st Century

Voice over IP, or VoIP, is an internet technology that relies on online infrastructure to make phone calls. Techniques developed during the frontier days of hacking, phone phreaking, are becoming relevant through VoIP networks. Mobile devices, smart homes, and voice-activated virtual assistants provide many new angles for

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Understanding and Preventing Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)

Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) are a new type of threat that developed out of standard hacking techniques. APTs are composed of multiple attacks, infiltration, and malware installations through one or many organizations. They are often large in scope and contain many moving parts. This section explores the

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Most Frequently Used Mobile Hacking Techniques

Mobile hacking is a versatile field that is on the rise, but how do malicious hackers and cybersecurity professionals approach the subject? This section explores the main techniques for the exfiltration of personally identifying information from mobile devices. The latest methods are explained along with methods of

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The Development of Infrastructure Attacks

Hacking and cybersecurity incidents can take on a character of great variation. Anything from a simple prank to a widespread shutdown of essential services is considered “hacking”. The field of cybersecurity can cover a very broad spectrum of activities. Essential services such as water, electricity, waste management,

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Symlink Attacks

Every year, new techniques and exploits are developed to compromise websites. Often times, these exploits are used in vulnerability assessments to improve the security of websites and web hosting services. Because of this, major hacks and exploits can be quickly patched and secured against. Hackers and cybersecurity

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Mobile Deauthentication Attacks

TL;DR: Deauthentication attacks have been around for a long time, and new techniques for altering wireless network connections have developed around new technologies. Mobile apps with working de-authentication protocols are easily accessible on the marketplace, and more devices and systems rely on internet connections to function. This

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Pricing a Vulnerability Assessment

Penetration testing and vulnerability assessment are an essential step in securing an organization’s communications networks. In some cases, such as hospitals and other public facilities, vulnerability assessments are required by law. How much can one expect to pay or bill for a vulnerability assessment? This depends on

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Notorious Hacking Groups of the 21st Century

TL;DR: Coordinated hacking groups carry out some of the most visible attacks in the cybersecurity industry. No matter their motivations, hacking groups can gain notoriety and exposure from their works. This section looks at some of the most notorious hacking groups in recent years, what they did,

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Get to Know Your Instructor: Kitt Parker

Get to Know Your Instructor: Kitt Parker

The Q & A Tell us about yourself: “I am a technology enthusiast who loves to learn about new and evolving tech. At a young age, I began building my own personal computers and also started exploring various programming languages while in high school. As soon as

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