CompTIA CAS-003: Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP)

Practice Test

The Kaplan CompTIA CAS-003: Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) practice test challenges the student to demonstrate a deep understanding of enterprise information security concepts. This includes five domains: Risk Management, Enterprise Security Architecture, Enterprise Security Operations, Technical Integration of Enterprise Security, and Resea...

3 hours
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This practice test is appropriate for intermediate to advanced students. CompTIA recommends 10 years of IT experience with 5 years of technical security experience for exam candidates. This practice test allows you to evaluate your ability to apply security concepts in a variety of situations. You will be able to create custom quizzes, test your knowledge with flashcards, and create a study schedule. Working on the practice test provides solid preparation for the CASP-003 exam, but it also a great way of improving your ability to apply security concepts. The practice test is part of the SOC Analyst Level 3 and Cybersecurity Engineer Career paths and will cover a large number of objectives related to NICCS Work Roles. The most closely related work role is an Information Systems Security Manager. A few of the specific knowledge areas tested include cybersecurity and privacy principles, cyber threats and vulnerabilities, and Risk Management Framework (RMF) requirements. Reviewing the CASP-003 objectives will provide a complete overview of the topics covered.

Quick Info

  • Skill level: Intermediate/Advanced
  • Work Roles: Information Systems Security Manager


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