Create and Configure an Azure QnA Maker Service

The Azure platform provides API tools to support system administrators. This IT Pro Challenge virtual lab will teach you about the QnA Maker service. The QnA Maker service provides a chat bot to answer questions about your products and services. After completing this lab, you will be able to provision, train, and publish a QnA Maker service.

2 hours
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Azure is a public cloud computing platform. Azure can be used for many purposes, such as analytics, virtual computing, and networking. In particular, Azure provides a powerful tool for hosting virtual machines (VMs). It is, therefore, prudent for modern IT workers to be comfortable working with Azure.

One key use of the Azure platform is the Question and Answer (QnA) Maker. QnA Maker is an Azure API service that builds a conversational question-and-answer bot for your existing data. QnA maker learns questions and answers by using machine learning on a knowledge base of questions and answers from various content, such as FAQs.

Unlike the majority of Azure Cognitive Services, which learn from an existing library, QnA Maker stores custom information in a provisioned search database as part of the Azure App Service. System administrators will need to be comfortable with API tools like QnA Maker to be effective in their duties. QnA maker is especially useful for automating simple customer queries. For example, QnA Maker can be used to create a bot for answering simple product questions or for product troubleshooting. This hands-on lab will teach you how to create and set up a new QnA Maker service.

Understand the scenario: You are an AI consultant for a data and analytics vendor. You need to create a portal that will answer frequently asked questions by using the Azure QnA Maker service.

Understand the environment: You are using a pre-configured Azure resource group.

Create an Azure QnA Maker service:

The first step of this virtual lab is to create a basic Azure QnA Maker service. You will sign in to the Azure portal and create a new Azure QnA Maker Service.

Create and populate a QnA Maker knowledge base:

For the second step of this lab, you will populate your QnA knowledge base. You will:

  • Open the QnA Maker portal.
  • Create a new knowledge base.
  • Populate the knowledge base using an online FAQ.

Train, test, and publish the QnA Maker knowledge base:

The final step of this challenge is to trains and test your QnA Maker service. You will:

  • Add alternate phrasings for some of the questions.
  • Test the knowledge base for consistency.
  • Publish the QnA Maker service.


The Azure QnA Maker service provides administrators a powerful tool for automating access to basic knowledge. QnA knowledge bases can provide your users with access to answers to common questions about your company or product. QnA Maker services are simple to create and train. This virtual lab will give you real-world experience creating your first QnA Maker knowledge base.

In the “Create and Configure an Azure QnA Maker Service” virtual lab, you will accomplish the following:

  • Provision a QnA Maker service.
  • Access the QnA Maker portal.
  • Create a knowledge base.
  • Populate and update the knowledge base.
  • Train and test the knowledge base.
  • Publish your QnA Maker service.

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