Python Skill Assessment


One of the most common all purpose programming languages in the world, Python is used to for a variety of tasks including building websites, web applications, desktop gui applications, and more. Assess your knowledge via Cybrary's Skill Assessment.

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Test your skills in one of the most common, all-purpose programming languages with Cybrary’s Python Skill Assessment. Assess your knowledge of numerous Python tasks including web applications, graphical user interface (GUI) applications, and website building.

Why Take the Python Skill Assessment?

Python is a general-purpose, open source programming language that is essential for IT and cybersecurity professionals to know. A knowledgeable Python developer must be able to solve problems using the Python language, as well as understanding Python native data structures language constructs. There is a lot to learn about Python, and the best way to identify what students know and what they need to learn is by testing their skills. The Python Skill Assessment test will:

  • Identify gaps in knowledge of the Python programming language
  • Measure Python skills to identify where a student should begin training
  • Help identify areas of proficiency, so students don’t waste time on knowledge they already have
  • Help determine students’ overall understanding of the Python language
  • Motivate students to work on Python skills that need further training

Who Needs to Take the Python Skill Assessment Test?

Python is a programming language that is found in many applications. It is widely used and is versatile enough to run on nearly all system architectures. That means that it’s an essential coding language for just about every IT and cybersecurity professional to know.

Anyone who has any contact with coding will benefit from taking the Python assessment test. It’s an easy way to benchmark technical skills along most IT career paths. It’s also a benefit to students who have minimal IT experience (what is learned on the job), who want to determine which skills they have learned so far.

When is a Python Skill Test Important?

Individuals who are just beginning their IT careers and learning programming languages can benefit from taking a Python assessment. It will let them know if there are areas that they are already proficient in, and where to start with Python training courses.

The Python Skill Assessment is also a good tool for measuring students’ knowledge of Python as they progress through various levels of Python training. Again, it’s an easy way to prove proficiency and narrow down areas that need improvement. Upon completing Python training, students can use the assessment as way to check their comprehension and make sure there are no gaps in knowledge.

How is it Best to Test Your Python Skills?

As one of the most common programming languages in use today, Python is a staple for coders as well as other IT professionals. If you want to test your Python skills, no matter which IT field you are in, Cybrary’s Python Skill Assessment test is ideal for you. The test is online, and it can be done anywhere that you have an Internet connection, making it an easy and convenient way to assess your skills. This is a beginner level assessment and it’s about 30 minutes long. Get started by clicking the View button.