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Project Management Skill Assessment


Project management is the fundamental practice of planning, initiating, executing, and improving the work of a team or an individual to achieve specific goals within a specific time frame. Assess your knowledge via Cybrary's Skill Assessment.

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This online Project Management Skill Assessment identifies strengths and weaknesses in planning, executing, and improving a team’s work on a project with specific goals and deadlines. The assessment helps determine where more training is needed.

Why Take this Project Manager Skills Assessment?

A skill assessment test is a key component of learning as it allows students to identify areas where they are proficient and where they need additional training. This project manager skills assessment further benefits students in the following ways:

  • Identifies gaps in project management (PM) knowledge
  • Measures PM skills to help students know where to start with training
  • Helps students identify areas that need further development, so time isn’t wasted on what they already know
  • Helps determine overall understanding of PM skills
  • Motivates students to work on PM skills where they are lacking

Additionally, taking the PM Skill Assessment test can help students determine whether a project management career path is a good fit for them.

Who Needs to Take this Project Manager Skills Assessment Test?

Project management is an area that involves numerous interconnected skillsets. It could include a range of duties from overseeing the planning and execution of technical solutions, to launching a new system in a new location, to settling conflict between team members. As a result, project managers have to have a solid understanding of soft skills, as well as technical and managerial skills.

Many project management skills are learned over time, while working years on the job, and through continuing education. However, there are also many individuals who have a strong aptitude for project management long before they are ever in the role. As such, project management skill assessment tests are ideal for anyone in or interested in the role of the project manager, including:

  • Individuals who want to become project managers and are going to start training courses along that path
  • Current project managers who want to see where their strengths and weaknesses lie, so they know what areas to improve upon with continuing education
  • Students who want to assess what they have learned in PM training classes

When is a Project Management Skill Test Important?

A skills assessment for project management can be helpful before and after students take key project management courses or upon completing a PM training program. Before taking PM courses, a skill assessment will help students identify which areas they are proficient in, as well as where they need more training. After completing a PM course or program, it will validate what students have learned and whether there are any gaps in knowledge.

How is it Best to Test Your Project Management Skills?

If you want to know where you stand with project management skills, whether you are just starting on your PM career path, are working toward a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, or have just completed a PM training course, Cybrary’s Project Management Skill Assessment test is a great way to test your skills. The assessment is online and can be done in the comfort of your own home at your convenience. It’s an intermediate level test that should take about 30 minutes to complete. Just click on the View button to get started.