Security Fundamentals - Windows 10 Update

The 98-367-1 Practice-Lab will provide you with the necessary platform to gain hands on skills in securing Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2.

4 hours 9 minutes
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The Practice Labs guide for Security Fundamentals Windows 10 update provides a simulated lab with multiple modules. The lab offers fundamentals that teach you how to perform hands-on skills in securing a Windows 2008 server and Windows 10 update. You will understand how to protect servers and keep them up-to-date. You will learn the basics of server protection, client protection, and how to maintain the OS and software.

The Security Fundamentals Windows 10 Update course material will help keep you focused on practical hands-on learning. The introduction module is only 30 minutes in length with subsequent modules consisting of the lab topology, an exercise on how to configure and run Windows Update, and a brief review.

Security Fundamentals Windows 10 Update operating system updates lab topology includes a domain controller, a domain member server, a Linux Kali workstation, and a Windows 10 Enterprise workstation. You may not use all of the devices in all of the exercises; however, the lab will provide you with an overall understanding of the topology.

In the first exercise, you will learn how to configure Windows Update settings on Windows 10 and Windows server and verify the installation of an update. Updates are essential in Windows with the continuously growing number of security vulnerabilities and threats that plague operating systems and software. Windows Update will help maintain the current security and vulnerability posture for the Windows OS. You will also learn vulnerability remediation on Linux. This exercise will also show you how to check for and apply missing patches, updates, and service packs. Many of these updates are available for free from Microsoft.

In Task 1 of Security Fundamentals Windows 10 Update you will begin with verifying the Windows Update status on the Windows Server 2012 R2 server and Windows 10 Enterprise workstation. The lab instructions walk you through the steps to take in an easy-to-follow format with instructions and lab co-located within the practice lab window. This type of environment promotes learning by making it easy to follow along every step of the way.

Task 2 in Security Fundamentals Windows 10 Update practice lab walks you through 11 steps in running Windows Update on the domain controller. Each step is comprehensive and easy to follow with clear instructions.

Task 3 in Security Fundamentals Windows 10 Update walks you through the process to configure the update settings and perform the download. Windows 10 is configured to automatically download updates from Microsoft. However, for systems not connected to the Internet or must have manual pushes from IT for updates, understanding how the setting works will help maintain the most current patches on a Windows 10 Enterprise workstation.

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