Implementing a Desktop Infrastructure

The 70-415 Practice-Lab will provide you with the necessary platform to gain hands on skills in building, maintaining and deploying Microsoft Windows operating systems.

16 hours 20 minutes
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The 70-415 Practice-Lab will provide you with the necessary platform to gain hands on skills in building, maintaining and deploying Microsoft Windows operating systems. By completing the lab tasks, you will improve your practical skills in creating and managing images, Windows Deployment Services, deployment using System Center 2012 Configuration Manager, user state migration tool, remote desktop session host and desktop security. These same tasks will help you understand the objectives and competencies required by the 70-415 Implementing a Desktop Infrastructure certification exam.

Task 1: Create a Repository Folder for the System image

Task 2: Disable the Screen-Lock feature on a Windows Machine

Task 3: Configuring the Domain Member Server

Task 4: Configuring the Windows Deployment Services

Task 5: Enable DHCP Server Settings for WDS client

Task 6: Add a Boot Image to the Windows Deployment System

Task 7: Configure PLABWIN803 for a legacy network adapter

Task 8: Remotely Installing Windows 8.1

Task 9: Revert a Windows 8.1 Installation remotely

-> Using Windows Deployment Services to Host a Computer Desktop

Task 1: Run SYSPREP on a reference computer

Task 2: Create a WINPE.ISO image file

Task 3: Reattach ISO Image File to PLABWIN802

Task 4: Boot up Reference computer using WINPE.ISO

Task 5: Upload sysprep Windows Image to PLABDC01

Task 6: Revert Reference Computer to its default settings

Task 7: Add the captured Disk Image of PLABWIN802 to WDS

Task 8: Using an Answer file

Task 9: Verify Answer File functionality

Implementing a Desktop Infrastructure lab is a premium Cybrary lab intended for students at the beginner level. This lab teaches students to set up and implement an image to use as an operating system image for networked machines. These tasks will help students learn to create an answer file to use to automate the installation This is important to the work role(s) of system administration. Upon completion of this lab, the student will be able to use an answer file to streamline the installation process to workstations using answer files on one main server and test the image on test computers.

Break it down:

In "Implementing a Desktop Infrastructure", Practice Labs has you set up virtual machines connected to a server to practice implementing a desktop image that workstations will be able to use as an image. This allows the workstation to pull the operating system from a server and use it in place of having the operating system installed directly onto the machine. This is especially beneficial for thin clients.

Practice Labs implemented four parts to the "Implementing a Desktop Infrastructure" lab. There is an Introduction, where Practice Labs explains what you will be doing. The groundwork for the lab is laid out, a step to planning the image you will be placing on the server to push out to the reference computer, a portion where you will be testing the image on the reference computer, and the conclusion wraps up everything you have practiced. A checklist of the steps you will be following is provided below, without the details of the steps.


The [Implementing a Desktop Infrastructure] [lab] is presented by Cybrary and was created by [Practice Labs]. This lab develops skills in [Systems Administration]. This lab would be beneficial for students on the [System and Server Administrator] career path. Completing the lab means the students can plan and implement an operating system image for a networked workstation.

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Certificate of Completion
Certificate Of Completion

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