Welcome to the Working with Semantic Elements - Part 1 Practice Lab. In this module, you will be provided with the instructions and devices needed to develop your hands-on skills.

Exam Objectives

The following exam objective is covered in this lab:

3.2 Construct and analyze markup that uses HTML5 semantic elements

Lab Duration

It will take approximately 20 minutes to complete this lab.

Exercise 1 - Managing Semantic Elements

The word “semantics” in the English language means the study of the meanings of different words.

In HTML, semantic elements are the various HTML elements that have a specific meaning. A semantic HTML element clearly communicates its meaning to the web browser and developer. For example, you, as a developer, can easily understand the meaning of the HTML element,

. The
element indicates a table with rows and columns. Therefore, HTML elements such as
, and so on are called as semantic elements.

There are various other HTML elements that do not convey any meaning to the web browser and developer. Such elements are known as non-semantic elements. These include elements such as

, , and so on.

In this exercise, you will create a new HTML page named blog.html in the sls workspace. You will create a new tab named ‘Blog’ on the horizontal navigational bar and link the tab with blog.html. You will use semantic elements such as


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