Connecting to your lab

In this module you will be working with the following equipment.

  • PLABVSSRV01(Standalone Server)
  • PLABCLNT01(Windows 8.1 Workstation)

Each exercise will detail which device you are required to work on to carry out the steps.

To start simply click on the named Server or Workstation from the device list (located on the left hand side of the screen) and click the Power on icon from the tools bar. In some cases the devices may power on automatically.

During the boot up process an activity indicator will be displayed in the device name tab:

  • Black - Powered Off
  • Blue - Working on your request
  • Green - Ready to access

If the remote console does not appear please try the following option:

  • Switch between the HTML 5 and Java client versions in the tools bar.

In the event this does not resolve your connectivity problems please visit our Help / Support pages for additional resolution options.

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