The Troubleshooting Methodologies module provides you with the instructions and Cisco hardware to develop your hands on skills in performing troubleshooting in a rapid and effective way. This module includes the following activities:

  • Examine the troubleshooting methodology that Cisco recommends
  • Apply certain steps of this methodology to resolve problems on the network
  • Verify that the resolutions you implemented are functioning correctly.

Exercise 1 - Examine the Recommended Troubleshooting Methodology for Networks

Troubleshooting a network can often be very difficult, especially if the problem is not directly observed by you or is of an intermittent nature. In order to deal with problems on the network, the troubleshooting process you use must be structured and methodical in order to identify and correct the problem as quickly as possible.

In this exercise, you will examine the Cisco-recommended troubleshooting process to be used when dealing with network problems. This exercise will not require the use of a lab, however, in the exercise that follows, you will apply parts of this process to a network that has been exhibiting network problems.

Exercise 2 - Implementing Troubleshooting Methodologies

You are the network administrator of a large organization, and several network problems have been reported to you. In this exercise, you will implement some of the troubleshooting methodologies described in the previous exercise in order to solve these network problems.

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