The Troubleshoot HA and DRS Configurations and Fault Tolerance module provides you with the instruction and server hardware to develop your hands on skills in the defined topics. This module includes the following exercises:

  • Configure, verify, and troubleshoot HA and DRS configurations
  • Configure, verify, and troubleshoot Fault Tolerance

Exercise 1 - Configure HA and DRS

You can use the vSphere High Availability (HA) and Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) features to configure automatic failover with load balancing. This helps ensure the availability of service even when a component of the network fails. In this exercise, you will configure, verify, and troubleshoot HA and DRS configuration.

Exercise 2 - Configure, Verify, and Troubleshoot Fault Tolerance

Fault Tolerance (FT) is mainly used for virtual machine, guest machines, and redundancy. In this exercise, you will configure, verify, and troubleshoot FT on virtual machines.

Exercise 3 - Configure Shared Resources on Hosts

After configuring Fault Tolerance logging port on hosts on a cluster, you configure shared resources on the hosts to enable you to implement failover. To configure shared resources, you first configure the resource on one host and then add the same resource on the other host.

In this task, you will configure shared storage on the plabesx01 and plabesx02 hosts to create a setup to test failover. To configure the shared storage, configure the storage first on plabesx01 and then add the same plabesx02. To add the shared storage to plabesx02, you need to configure iSCSI on plabesx02. After adding the storage to both the hosts, you need to make them completely HA ready.

Exercise 4 - Migrate a Guest Using vMotion

vMotion enables you to migrate a running VM, a guest, from one host to another host. Before a live migration, ensure that the VM to be migrated is added to the shared storage. In this task, you will manually migrate the WinClient guest VM from plabesx01 host to plabesx02 host, while the guest VM is still online. Further, you will test the guest VM for failover migration.

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