The Supporting Application Compatibility Using ACT module provides you with the instruction and server hardware to develop your hands on skills in the defined topics. This module includes the following exercises:

  • Running an Unpatched Application
  • Creating Shims in Application Compatibility Toolkit
  • Creating Reports with Application Compatibility Manager

Exercise 1 - Running an Unpatched Application

One of the usual concerns of system administrators is how to make their legacy applications compatible with the new version of Windows. Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT) is one of the tools that allow you to set compatibility options so that old programs can still function in Windows.

Please note that ACT will not solve all program incompatibilities. If the program continues to exhibit compatibility issues, you need to contact the software vendor or your development team for additional support.

In this exercise, you will run an unpatched application to view the incompatibility issues.

Exercise 2 - Creating Shims in Application Compatibility Toolkit

Shims are fixes that address compatbility issues between applications and Windows OS. Application developers and software vendors develop shims using various toolkits provided by Windows OS.

In the previous exercise, the Stock Viewer application was executed with some bugs about requirment of administrator rights and the inability to update the kernel.

For this exercise, you will create the fixes to resolve the bugs that you encountered with the Stock Viewer application run on Windows.

Exercise 3 - Creating Reports with Application Compatibility Manager

Microsoft Application Compatiblity Manager (ACM) is a free program that works along with Application Compatibility Toolkit that is used to collect information about installed applications on Windows client computers to create reports. This is a basic tool for creating an inventory of programs deployed on corporate workstations without using expensive systems management software.

In this exercise, you will initialize ACM and create a package in Application Compatiblity Manager then install this package on a Windows 8.1 workstation.

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