Retrieving Data using the SQL SELECT Statement

In this module, you will explore the concepts of extracting or retrieving data stored in relational tables using the SELECT statement. The statement is introduced in its basic form and is progressively built on to extend its core functionality.

  • SQL SELECT Statements
  • Basic SELECT Statements

Exercise 1 - SQL SELECT Statements

In this exercise, you will learn the following about the SQL SELECT statements:

  • Establishing a Connection to the Database
  • SELECT Statement Capabilities: Selection, Projection, and Joining
  • Introduction to Alias, Keywords, Clauses, Literal, Expression, Statement
  • DUAL Tables
  • Lexical Conventions
  • Arithmetic Operators and Precedence
  • String Concatenation
  • Column Aliases
  • Handling Character data containing quotes
  • Working with NULL Values
  • Introduction to Expressions: Text Literals, Numeric Literals, Datetime Literals
  • SQL Functions
  • Pseudo columns: ROWNUM and ROWID
  • Using the DESC or DESCRIBE Command

Exercise 2 - Basic SELECT Statements

In this exercise you will learn the following about the SQL SELECT statements:

  • Execute a Basic SELECT Statement
  • Using an Asterisk Wildcard
  • Nested SELECT statement

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