Welcome to the Organizing Data Using HTML - Part 1 Practice Lab. In this module you will be provided with the instructions and devices needed to develop your hands-on skills.

Exam Objectives

The following exam objective is covered in this lab:

  • 3.1 Construct and analyze markup to structure content and organize data

Lab Duration

It will take approximately 20 minutes to complete this lab.

Exercise 1 - Organizing Data in HTML Pages

You can organize data in HTML pages using different elements such as headings, paragraphs, tables, ordered and unordered lists, and so on. You can define a proper structure and layout to the page content using tables in HTML. Using tables, you can present the data in a legible, neat, and presentable manner to the page users. A tabular data is always considered as an organized piece of information.

In HTML, the

tag is the container for the table element. Within the
tag, you can use the tag to create rows and
tags to create data cells. You can set border properties and inline styles to table elements.

In this exercise, you will first open the VS Code workspace and create a new HTML page named courses.html. In the new page, you will create a table with rows and columns.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this exercise, you will be able to:

  • Organize data in HTML pages

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