Managing Device Drivers

Practice Labs Module
13 minutes

The "Managing Device Drivers" module provides you with the instructions and devices to develop your hands-on skills in the following topics: Working with unsigned drivers, Managing driver packages.

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The Managing Device Drivers module provides you with the instructions and devices to develop your hands-on skills in the following topics.

  • Working with unsigned drivers
  • Managing driver packages

Exam Objectives

One objective is covered in this lab.

  • Demonstrate how to install, update, disable and rollback device drivers in Windows 10

Lab Duration

It will take approximately 15 minutes to complete this lab.

Exercise 1 - Working with Unsigned Drivers

A signed driver is a driver with a valid digital certificate. The digital signature on the certificate ensures that the driver is not corrupt and malicious and is safe to use. The digital certificate identifies the publisher of the driver.

If the driver is damaged or corrupt, the digital signature becomes invalid. Such type of driver is known as an unsigned driver. Unsigned drivers are harmful to the operating system. A certification authority does not perform the publisher verification process on unsigned drivers. Example of unsigned drivers is the video drivers in Windows 10.

The driver signature enforcement must be disabled to install unsigned drivers in Windows 10.

In this exercise, you will learn to disable driver signature enforcement and then install the unsigned driver.

Exercise 2 - Managing Driver Packages

The device drivers are deployed with the computer’s hardware in a driver package. A driver package includes all the files that are needed by Windows 10 to interact with the hardware. The driver package includes an information (.inf) file. The Driver Store folder in Windows 10 stores the installed device drivers. The driver packages must not be manually deleted from the Driver Store folder.

In this exercise, you will learn to install a driver package, execute Windows 10 tools, and deploy the driver package.

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