The Manage Users and Database Roles module provides you with the instruction and server hardware to develop your hands on skills in the defined topics. This module includes the following exercises:

  • Managing Security Roles
  • Creating Database User Accounts
  • Creating Contained Logins

Exercise 1 - Managing Security Roles

The concept of least privilege means assigning only those privileges that are required for a user to perform a specific task. For example, if a user needs to insert data into a database, you can assign only insert data privileges on the database. To be more specific, if a user needs to add data specifically into a table, then you should assign privileges on the required table, rather than the database.

In this exercise, you will perform the tasks required to manage users and database roles.

Exercise 2 - Creating Database User Accounts

In this exercise, you will create database users accounts.

Exercise 3 - Creating Contained Logins

In this exercise, you will create contained logins in database.

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