The Manage Bugs module provides you with the instructions and devices to develop your hands on skills in the following topics.

  • Using the Triage workbook to Review the Status of Bugs
  • Modifying the Status of a Bug

Exercise 1 - Using the Triage workbook to Review the Status of Bugs

Visual Studio provides you with the Triage workbook that helps you to review newly reported or reopened bugs, assign priority and iteration to them and assign a team member to fix them.

In this task, you will triage bugs by using Office Excel. To create or modify bugs by using the workbook, users must be a member of the Contributors group. To meet this requirement, as a prerequisite, you will add required members to the Contributors group for the team query folder for an existing team project Team_Proj1.

Exercise 2 - Modifying the Status of a Bug

In this exercise, you will modify the status of a bug by changing the value of the State field of an active bug item to ‘Done’. All work items has the State field. When you resolve or close a bug you change its state accordingly.

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