The Log Bugs module provides you with the instructions and devices to develop your hands on skills in the following topics.

  • Submitting a bug using Test Runner
  • Submitting a bug using Microsoft Test Manager
  • Linking a test case to a bug
  • Adding attachment to a bug

Exercise 1 - Submitting a Bug using Test Runner

Microsoft Test Runner allows you to submit a bug when you run a manual test and discover a defect in the application under test. This avoids the need for you to switch to Visual Studio to submit the bug. The Test Runner automatically adds a link and details about the test and the testing environment to the bug.

In this exercise, you will submit a bug while you perform a run using Test Runner.

Exercise 2 - Submitting a Bug using Microsoft Test Manager

You can also create bug work items using Microsoft Test Manager 2013. The Test Manager automatically links the bugs that you create to the test that you were performing.

In this exercise, you will use the Microsoft Test Manager to run a test a case and submit a bug. You will then check whether the bug is resolved using the Verify Bugs View page.

Exercise 3 - Linking a Test Case to a Bug

In this exercise, you will link the Submit button not working bug with a test case.

Exercise 4 - Adding Attachment to a Bug

Microsoft Team Explorer allows you to add information to a bug to help other team members to reproduce or fix the bug. In this exercise, you will create a new Bug Work Item and attach a text file to the bug.

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