The Installing Windows 10 module provides you with the instruction and Server hardware to develop your hands on skills. This module includes the following exercises:

  • Managing System Image Backup and Restore
  • Managing System Restore Points
  • Installing Windows 10

Exercise 1 - Managing System Image Backup and Restore

Backing up your computer is essential to safeguard your files, system settings, and other software components against loss due to hardware failure or a system crash. Depending on the operating system version, software vendors have different implementations on how to perform a backup of your system.

The Windows System Image Backup process involves creating a system image at regular intervals. A system image is a copy of the OS, the installed applications, and other interdependent files on the system at the time the backup set was created. You then store the system image at a different place than the original system components, such as a separate system drive, external storage media, or to another server in an offsite location. This image can help you restore a system or configure a new system to the state at the time the system image backup was created.

In this exercise, you will use Windows System Image backup to backup a Windows 10 computer.

Exercise 2 - Managing System Restore Points

System Restore is a feature in Windows that gives the user the ability to roll the computer back to its working state to include - system settings, installed programs and system files. This feature provides a convenient method of backing out from system changes which may have introduced errors in Windows.

System restore point can be used if Windows is bootable and you can successfully sign on to the computer. System Image Recovery is the alternative if Windows becomes inaccessible due to system wide problems or hardware issues.

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