The Installing and Configuring DHCP Server Part 1 module provides you with the instruction and server hardware to develop your hands-on skills in the defined topics. This module includes the following exercises:

  • Installing and Authorizing a DHCP Server
  • Configuring a DHCP Relay Agent

Lab time: It will take approximately 1 hour to complete this lab.

Exam Objectives

The following exam objectives are covered in this lab:

  • Installing and Configuring a DHCP Server
  • Performing DHCP Server Authorization
  • Configuring DHCP Options
  • Installing and Configuring a DHCP Relay Agent

Exercise 1 - Installing and Configuring a DHCP Server

The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is a network service that streamlines the allocation of dynamic IP addresses, subnet masks, and other essential IP configuration settings to requesting clients in a TCP/IP network. By implementing a DHCP server, administrators are freed from the overhead of maintaining a list of static IP addresses that are assigned to Windows client computers. Windows server computers, however, are typically set up to use a static IP address, as these provide client/server applications to an organization and must have a fixed IP to avoid network connectivity issues.

Exercise 2 - Configuring the DHCP Relay Agent

The DHCP Relay Agent is a routing protocol that is included in the Routing and Remote Access server. DHCP clients broadcast a request for an IP address lease in the local network and the Relay Agent forwards the request packet to a DHCP server that is located in a separate network segment.

This exercise will take you through the process of configuring a DHCP Relay Agent in a Routing and Remote Access server.

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