Encryption and Hashing

Practice Labs Module
1 hour

The "Encryption and Hashing" module provide you with the instructions and devices to develop your hands-on skills in the following topics: Cryptographic Basics, Comparing Hashing Algorithms, Comparing Hash Values.

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The Encryption and Hashing module provide you with the instructions and devices to develop your hands-on skills in the following topics.

  • Cryptographic Basics
  • Comparing Hashing Algorithms
  • Comparing Hash Values

Lab time: It will take approximately 1 hour to complete this lab.

This module refers to the CISSP Asset Security domain.

Exam Objectives

The following exam objectives are covered in this lab:

  • Determine data security controls (e.g., data at rest, data in transit)

Exercise 1 - Cryptographic Basics

Cryptography is the process of attempting to maintain information integrity, and confidentiality, the use of cryptographic tools help simplify the process of generating and confirming the integrity of information, whilst assisting providing confidentially to protect from the unauthorized viewing of materials.

This greatly assists with the security of information you are receiving from the source location. Further with hashing, you can confirm, for example, a program you have downloaded has not been modified in some manner by checking its hash value produced by the author with your own value.

In this exercise, you will learn how to use a tool called CryptoDemo and concepts about Hashing by working on these tasks:

  • CryptoDemo Installation
  • CryptoDemo Encryption
  • CryptoDemo Decryption
  • Key Values
  • Hashing

Exercise 2 - Comparing Hashing Algorithms

We will now have a look at a different variety of algorithms in a direct comparison and using Hash Calc which is a calculator that computes message digests, checksums, and HMACs for files, as well as for text and hex strings. It provides 13 popular hash and checksum algorithms for calculations.

In this exercise, you will learn the following:

  • Install Hash Calc
  • Using Hash Calc

Exercise 3 - Comparing Hash Values

Here we will compare different hash values and get a better understanding of how hash's visually compared to each other in that state.

In this exercise, you will learn the following:

  • Grabbing website hashes
  • Using an online comparison tool
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