Welcome to the Configure Antivirus Settings Practice Lab. In this module you will be provided with the instructions and devices needed to develop your hands-on skills.

Learning Outcomes

In this module, you will complete the following exercises:

  • Scan for Malware with Windows Defender and Malicious Software Removal Tool

After completing this lab, you will be able to:

  • Manage Windows Defender settings
  • Understand how Windows Defender handle malware
  • Understand how Microsoft Software Removal Tool is used

Exam Objectives

The following exam objectives are covered in this lab:

  • Configure antivirus settings - Windows Defender

Lab Duration

It will take approximately 45 minutes to complete this lab.

Exercise 1 - Scan for Malware with Windows Defender and Malicious Software Removal Tool

Windows Defender is an anti-malware application included with Windows 10. This anti-malware was a separate application that required to be downloaded and installed in earlier Windows versions.

Windows Defender now integrates firewall features, device performance health, smart screen for Windows apps and browser protection for Microsoft Edge.

Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT) can help to protect your Windows computers from common malware. MSRT finds and removes threats and rolls back the modifications made by this unwanted software. MSRT is released monthly as part of Windows Update. In this exercise, you will download the MSRT from the lab's intranet.

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