The Basic Functions of an Operating System module provides you with the instruction and devices to develop your hands on skills in the defined topics. This module includes the following exercises:

  • Exploring Common Windows Utilities
  • Managing Device Drivers
  • Monitoring System Health and Performance
  • Managing Folder Structure for Data Management

Lab Objectives

The following exam objectives are covered in this lab.

  • IC3-GS5: Computing Fundamentals, Computer Software Architecture.
  • IC3-GS5: Key Applications, Common Features.

Exercise 1 - Interface between User and Machine

The Windows operating system has evolved with numerous versions over the years; every version addressing the demands put forth by the evolving computing environment. The latest version, Windows 8.x is intended primarily to service mobile computing devices, especially tablet devices such as Windows Surface; although it can l run with regular computers that meet the minimum system requirements. Moreover, the latest version of Windows offers regular system tools with improvements to enhance user productivity.

In this exercise, you will perform tasks to gain familiarity with some Windows utilities that you may find useful at work.

Exercise 2 - Coordination of Hardware Components

In this exercise you will install a third party device driver for a video display adapter. Note that this device driver will not work as a simulated video device driver is already installed in the virtual machine.

Exercise 3 - Monitor System Health and Functionality

In this exercise you will learn how to use some of the built-in tools for ensuring System Health and functionality of your system.

Exercise 4 - Managing Folder Structure for Data Management

In this exercise you will perform the tasks to add locations to libraries. A library is a system folder provided for user as a location for personal files like Documents, Music, Pictures and Videos. A user can customize and add items in the library for easy access to his personal and even work files.

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