SQL for Data Analytics

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Learn how to use SQL in everyday business scenarios and view data with the critical eye of an analytics professional.

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Learn how to use SQL in everyday business scenarios efficiently and look at data with the critical eye of analytics professionals. SQL for Data Analytics covers everything you need to progress from knowing basic SQL to telling stories and identifying trends in data.

In this course you will learn about: Use SQL to summarize and identify patterns in data, Apply special SQL clauses and functions to generate descriptive statistics, Use SQL queries and subqueries to prepare data for analysis, Perform advanced statistical calculations using the window function, Analyze special data types in SQL, including geospatial data and time data, Import and export data using a text file and PostgreSQL, Debug queries that won't run, and Optimize queries to improve their performance for faster results.


There are no prerequisites for this course!

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Assessments to gauge understanding and comprehension
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Certificate Of Completion

Complete this entire course to earn a SQL for Data Analytics Certificate of Completion