Regression Analysis in R

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In this guided lab by Next.Tech, you will utilize foundational knowledge of R in order to approach machine learning model driven regression analysis solutions to validate and measure the performance of said models. More specifically, we will cover linear regression, neural networks, regression trees, variable selection, and more.

5 hours
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In this course, you'll learn to perform regression analysis using the R programming language.

By the end of this course, you will have the skills you need in R to perform regression analysis on data to estimate values in sets . This course will cover: The basics of regression modeling, Computing the root mean squared (RSM) value, Building KNN models, Linear regression, Variable selection in linear regression, Neural networks, Regression trees, Random forest models, K-fold cross validation, and Leave-one-out-cross-validation (LOOCV).


Prior programming experience is not required! However, you may get more out of this course if you've already learned the basics of R, have some understanding of data science techniques, and have taken Classifiaction Models in R.

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Course Components
Reading Activities to provide background knowledge and key concepts crucial to the course
Virtual Labs to gain hands on experience and apply what you learned
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Certificate Of Completion

Complete this entire course to earn a Regression Analysis in R Certificate of Completion