Python Deep Learning Projects (Part 1: The Fundamentals)

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In this guided lab by Next.Tech, you will learn the basics of deep learning and learn how to set up, train, and implement deep learning neural network environments. It is recommended that you have experience programming with Python and have taken the Next.Tech Python Machine Learning guided labs first.

5 hours
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Deep learning has been gradually revolutionizing every field of artificial intelligence, making application development easier.

The Python Deep Learning Projects series imparts all the knowledge needed to implement complex deep learning projects in the field of computational linguistics and computer vision. By the end of this series, you will have gained knowledge to develop your own deep learning systems in a straightforward way and in an efficient way.

In this first part of the series, you will learn: The fundamental concepts in deep learning, How to set up a deep learning environment, How to train a neural network for prediction, and Intuition behind regression and multi-layer perceptron deep neural networks.


  • Experience programming with Python.
  • An understanding of neural network theory. If you do not have prior machine learning experience, or need a refresher, check out our Python Machine Learning series first.
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Complete this entire course to earn a Python Deep Learning Projects (Part 1: The Fundamentals) Certificate of Completion