Linear Regression with Python

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In this guided lab by Next.Tech you will learn the fundamentals of simple+multiple linear regressions, the mathematics behind such models, and how they play a role in predictive modeling in the world of data science today. More specifically, we will cover linear regression model implementation, statsmodels, and scikit-learn.

10 hours
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Using simulated data, public datasets, and Jupyter notebooks, this course will take you through: Simple linear regressions and multiple linear regression concepts, the mathematics behind linear regression models, how to manually implement a linear regression model, how to use statsmodels and scikit-learn Python packages to implement a linear regression model, how to validate a model and measure it's efficacy, and how to handle common issues. Then, you will be given the opportunity to build a linear regression model from start to finish in a self-guided project.


  • Python (including pandas,numpy, and matplotlib libraries)
  • Basic maths and statistics (introductory calculus helpful but not necessary)
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