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In this guided lab by Next.Tech you will learn the fundamentals of the R programming language, one of the most common programming languages utilized by data scientists and machine learning engineers. In this introductory lab you will learn the basics of objects, strings, data, and expressions for use in R.

15 hours
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This course dives into R, a top programming language among data scientists and machine learning practitioners.

The first lesson covers the history of R, as well as a brief overview of the community and ecosystem, the benefits it offers as an open-source programming language with access to massive datasets. The remaining lessons cover basic usage of objects, strings, data, and expressions with plenty of practical code examples you can try yourself, as well as best practices concerning project and workspace management. By the end of this course you'll be ready to start on entire projects built in R and have the skills you need to explore other R courses on Next Tech!


You don't need to have any programming experience to take this course.

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