Application Development with TensorFlow and Keras

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In this guided lab by Next.Tech we will be covering a deep dive into application development and how to power applications with Tensor Flow and Keras models, all of which are integral tools in deep learning architectures within the machine learning subject area.

8 hours
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You need much more than imagination to predict earthquakes and detect brain cancer cells. This course will teach you how to design and deploy TensorFlow and Keras models and how to generate insightful predictions with the power of deep learning!

Follow along with a blueprint of how to build an application that generates predictions using a deep learning model. By working through a Bitcoin price prediction model from start to finish, you will: Learn how to identify the necessary technical requirements for developing a TensorFlow-and-Keras-powered application, Gain knowledge on different deep learning architectures and start to develop an intuition on what to choose for your problem, Train, optimize, and evaluate the performance of deep learning models, Combine your model with Flask to create an application and HTTP API that returns model predictions.


  • Basic Python programming knowledge
  • Basic knowledge of web-applications
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Certificate of Completion
Certificate Of Completion

Complete this entire course to earn a Application Development with TensorFlow and Keras Certificate of Completion