Students will have access to the results of a vulnerability scan run again a sample Windows 2008 Server. They will perform any necessary remediations to the server by applying a variety of patches, systems/firewall tweaks in order to further harden it. Next, they will run a follow-up scan to ensure that the previously discovered weaknesses have been mitigated down to a reasonable level of risk. After the verification scan has been completed, they will then author a Standard Operating Procedure to help others walk through the same mitigation process they went through - enabling others to perform the same actions on other Windows 2008 servers.

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CYBRScore is a premium, performance-based cyber skills training and assessment provider that quantifies a user's ability to defend a network. Leveraging the NICE framework, CYBRScore creates the complete end-to-end experience, delivering targeted, outcome-oriented cyber security training experiences that provide users with confidence to get the job done.

In a world of recognized certifications and written knowledge-based exams, our solutions stand out by providing real insight into actual on-ground cyber security skills, and the capability to support your knowledge base with demonstrated network defense skills. Headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland, CYBRScore's offerings include turnkey and custom training, hands-on labs, and performance assessment for individual skill set and defined job-role competencies.



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