Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)

Practice Test

Showcase your audit experience and demonstrate that you are skilled at assessing vulnerabilities, reporting on compliance, and instituting controls within the enterprise by obtaining your ISACA CISA certification. Completion of the practice test means you understand the five domains within the formal ISACA exam.

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CyberVista's practice test for ISACA’s Certified Information System Auditor (CISA) is a Cybrary lab environment that is intended for students of an intermediate level. The practice test assesses the student’s knowledge of the five domain areas examined during the formal certification exam administer by ISACA. Students that undertake the formal exam are required to score a passing mark of 450 from the formal examination to obtain the CISA qualification.

CyberVista's practice test for CISA tests a student knowledge in the five domain areas. These domain areas are:

  1. The process of auditing information systems
  2. Governance and management of IT
  3. Information system acquisition, development and implementation
  4. Information system operations, maintenance and service management
  5. Protection of information assets

The CISA practice test has a number of options to strengthen your information system auditor knowledge and provides the following options:

• Exam simulation – this is a test back of questions that can be worked through by the student • Flash cards – this provides a review of concepts from all five domains in a self grade unlimited environment. These flash cards will help you understand the concepts in all areas of the exam. • Performance tracker – this provides a way for the student to see how they are progressing through the use of the lab and how they are tracking on the road to formal examination • Exam study calendar – this allows the student to set a date for the exam

Completion of the Certified Information System Auditor practice lab means that the student has understand and developed an understanding of the five domains within the formal ISACA examination and will be able to demonstrate a commitment to providing an organisation with trust and value in their information system and also that as CISA they are a highly qualified and experienced professional in their field.


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