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ISC2 Training

The International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC2) is a globally recognized educator and provider of IT security credentials. Earning an ISC2 certification often leads to more career opportunities and higher salaries for employees in the IT workforce. Cybrary’s ISC2 courses will provide you with the skills needed to earn valuable ISC2 credentials.

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The International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, Inc., also known as ISC2, is a globally respected nonprofit organization that offers security-related education via vendor neutral certification exams. The certification exams validate specific competencies of security professionals. The core of each of ISC2’s certifications is the Common Body of Knowledge (CBK), a framework that defines industry security standards and principles.

All individuals who become ISC2 certified will automatically become members of the consortium. The consortium is made up of information security professionals including system administrators, network administrators, security managers, systems integrators, systems engineers, chief risk officers, chief information officers, chief security officers, chief technology officers, and other executive leadership personnel. The consortium offers members the opportunity to connect with one another professionally, and to make a positive difference in the careers of other up-and-coming security professionals.

At Cybrary, we have several ISC2 certification training courses. All of our certification courses aim to help students prepare to take and pass certification exams and earn credentials. Our ISC2 classes are online and they allow students to work at their own pace, at times that are convenient. Upon completion of certification training classes, students will have the knowledge, skills, and exam prep needed to obtain their certifications. Check out the ISC2 courses we offer below.

What Is the List of ISC2 Certifications?

The ISC2 Certification Program currently consists of six core security certifications. They are:

  • SSCP Systems Security Certified Practitioner
  • CISSP Certified Information Systems Security Professional
  • CAP Certified Authorization Professional
  • CSSLP Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional
  • HCISPP HealthCare Information Security and Privacy Practitioner
  • CCSP Certified Cloud Security Professional

Additionally, CISSP certified individuals can go on to specialize and earn the following certifications:

  • CISSP-ISSAP Information Systems Security Architecture Professional
  • CISSP-ISSEP Information Systems Security Engineering Professional
  • CISSP-ISSMP Information Systems Security Management Professional

Many of the ISC2 certifications require that candidates have a specific amount of work experience. If candidates have not met the work requirement, they can qualify for the Associate of ISC2 credential in one of the six core certifications.

Why Get an ISC2 Certification?

There are many great reasons for individuals to earn ISC2 certifications. Here are several to consider.

Earning an ISC2 certification:

  • Confirms that a candidate is an authority and leader in the field.
  • Validates the skillset candidates have gained through education and work experience.
  • Sets candidates apart from others when filling job openings. An ISC2 certification on a resume can be the difference between getting a job and being overlooked.
  • Allows certified individuals entry into ISC2 membership. It’s a consortium that consists of thought leaders in the industry.
  • Leads to higher salary potential, job opportunities, and advancement.

ISC2 certifications are perfect for any level of security professional, whether brand new to the field or experienced. It’s a good way to validate skills, demonstrate dedication, and grow careers.

What Jobs Can You Get with ISC2 Certifications?

ISC2 certifications are about the information security industry. Generally, that means that any jobs that require an ISC2 certification will have to do with some aspect of IT security, fully or partially.

Entry-level security professionals who have an SCCP certification often work in roles such as system administrators, network administrators, security consultants, or security specialists. For those who have a CISSP certification, they are typically hired for positions like security analysts or security systems engineers. However, that isn’t always the case, because the CISSP is a fairly broad certification that has high experience requirements. That means that there are CISSP certification holders in many other positions like consultants, security managers, IT directors, chief information security officers (CISOs), network architects, auditors, and more. Those individuals who assess risk and authorize systems – a common combination within the Department of Defense – should consider working toward the CAP certification.

Other ISC2 certifications target more specific security roles. For example, the CCSP typically refers to security administrators, engineers, and architects who maintain or design cloud environments.

There are many job opportunities for ISC2 certified individuals. Becoming certified isn’t easy. It requires that students have the knowledge and skills associated with the specific credential and that they are able to use that skillset to pass the certification exam. Doing so requires training, study, and exam preparation. The best way for certification candidates to ensure that they have those skills and knowledge is by taking a training course. Cybrary offers training courses to provide students with the information and tools they need to successfully pass ISC2 certification exam and earn their desired credential.

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