Cybersecurity Essentials is designed to give an overview of various areas of the cybersecurity industry. Students will start by learning basic operating system information, Linux security, and Windows security. Students will then move into more specific topics, like cryptography, honeypots, Web defense and attacks, SIEMs, security policies, and network scanning. You will also learn different tools for password cracking and be provided a high-level overview of cloud security. The ultimate outcome of this course is to provide students a broad learning experience that facilitates them towards a cyber security career path of their choosing.

Cybersecurity Essentials starts off with an introduction to operating systems and virtualization. Students then learn basic networking concepts and the basics of Windows and Linux security. The course then pivots to a discussion on monitoring network traffic and ways to protect data. Students will learn about wireless networks, scanning networks with tools like NMAP, and performing traffic sniffing with tools like Wireshark and TCPDump. A brief overview of cloud security fundamentals is provided, and students then learn about risk management and policies. Students then move into the Web and learn about honeypots and Web Defense with the OWASP Top 10. Demonstrations with password cracking tools John The Ripper and Cain and Abel are up next and students are introduced to APT groups. Students then learn about incident handling and wrap up this course with Powershell scripting and basic information on Secure Coding.

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