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Caracas Cyber Security Jobs

Photo by: Carlos Adampol Galindo (Flickr)

Venezuela is somewhat unique among Latin American countries in that it fought a war for Independence early on against its colonial occupiers attaining its independence from Spain. The leader of Venezuela’s war for independence was a Caracas native named Simon Bolivar. The home in which he was born is now a prime historical site within the city attracting tourists from all over the world.

Caracas is the capital and largest city in Venezuela and is situated in a narrow river valley along the Guaire River in the northern part of the country. It’s not too far inland from the Caribbean Sea, but is separated from it by a steep mountain range. These mountains served as protection from marauding sea pirates during the 18th century. The population of the city proper is slightly over 3 million people and is distributed across several districts known as municipalities. The majority of government buildings are located in the Libertado Municipality.

Cyber Security Jobs in Caracas

The economy of Caracas is largely service-based with a smattering of industrial activity within the metropolitan area. Venezuela is primarily dependent on oil refining which was driven by an oil boom during the early 20th century. An intensive modernization program began during the 1950s and continued into the early 1970s. The country’s largest company, Petroleos de Venezuela, an oil company, is headquartered in Caracas. The Caracas Stock Exchange is also located in the capital city.

The transition from an agricultural to petro economy resulted in massive and unplanned immigration from surrounding rural communities of people looking for better opportunities. This resulted in a belt of slums encircling the valley of Caracas. Pockets of extreme poverty have brought with them a high crime rate and one of the highest murder rates in South America, many of them going unsolved.

Given the political and economic instability of Venezuela, the country suffers from a high-rate of inflation and high cost of living, coupled with a high crime rate, it probably shouldn’t be the first choice of expats looking for professional employment opportunities. Venezuelan citizens are much better poised to seek jobs with both the government as well as private industry. Choice positions go to those with IT training and experience with Caracas cyber security jobs being the most in-demand positions to be filled.

Living and Working in Caracas

The climate in Caracas is a mixed tropical climate and due to its elevation and coastal location, is not as hot as most tropical regions tend to be. Its valley location provides a scenic backdrop of mountains and hills. The city is home to many historical and cultural landmarks including colonial structures such as churches and cathedrals, the Federal Capitol, and many grand plazas and parks.

Obtaining a Venezuelan work visa is a complex series of steps that is best handled by an agency specializing in visa services. You’ll need to have secured a job offer within the country prior to initiating the visa application process.

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