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Cape Town Cyber Security Jobs

Cape Town is situated on the western tip of Africa and is the capital of the Western Cape within the country of South Africa. It also is the seat of the country’s National Parliament. Cape Town is famous for its harbor and the breath-taking coastal landscape surrounding it.

Cape Town is a popular destination for tourists and expatriates alike, which comes as little wonder given its beauty, multiculturalism, and high-standard of living. The diverse number of industries located in Cape Town provides ample employment opportunities for qualified IT professionals. Cape Town cyber security jobs are available to those IT professionals with the necessary training and experience.

Cyber Security Jobs in Cape Town

Cape Town has the unique distinction of serving as the economic hub of the Western Cape Province, being South Africa’s second main economic center and Africa’s third main economic hub city. It also is a major regional manufacturing center. In recent years, Cape Town has expanded beyond its traditional agriculture and manufacturing sectors into finance, business services, and transport and logistics. In addition, Cape Town has strong competitive positions in fishing, clothing and textiles, wood product manufacturing, electronics, furniture, hospitality, and finance and business services.

The 2010 World Cup, which took place in Cape Town, sparked a boom in real estate and construction and as a result, has attracted many new residents to the city. The central business district has seen many new buildings and renovations occur under a government initiative. Cape Town is segmented into four major commercial zones with the majority of job opportunities located in the Cape Town Central District. Most of the office space is located in this district.

Many international companies are headquartered in the Cape Town. Some of the more prominent ones are Woolworth’s, Pick n Pay Stores, Shoprite, Mediclinic International, and the financial services firm, Sanlam. Several multi-national companies such as Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline, Levi Strauss & Co., and Adidas use Cape Town as a manufacturing base. Tourism and shipping are also important components of the city’s economy.

Perhaps most important to those seeking IT positions in Cape Town, the city boasts the highest number of successful information technology companies in Africa. Growth in the IT sector has been occurring at an annualized rate of 8.5% and is becoming increasingly important to the city’s economy. Cape Town also has a passionate entrepreneurial spirit and many of the city’s younger residents are boldly pursuing business opportunities. A fair comparison can be made in this respect to the San Francisco Bay area in the U.S.

It only follows, that opportunities for qualified IT professionals will continue to grow in this region of South Africa. Cape Town cyber security jobs in particular will only increase in number in tandem with the robust economic growth of the city.

Living and Working in Cape Town

Since Cape Town is such an inviting place for tourists, it only makes sense that it’s a fantastic place to live and work. For those who enjoy the beach and warm water, Cape Town has them in abundance. You can even take an excursion to swim with the sharks – in a cage of course!

Cape Town has a very pleasant climate that is not too unlike what you’d encounter in the Mediterranean during the summer months. It’s somewhat wet during the winter and warm and dry during the summer months. Cape Town is also tough to beat when it comes to sunshine. Its yearly sunshine average is almost equal to LA and it beats out Athens and Madrid when it comes to rays. Not too shabby at all!

South Africa’s incredible growth has resulted in shortages in areas that the government has termed “critical skills.” Among these critical skills are sheep shearing, financial auditing, and metallurgical engineering. There are also plenty of tech skills on the list including CISCO engineers, PHP developers, and IT security specialists. In fact, South Africa has a special class of work visa called a Critical Skills Work Visa.

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