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Cairo Cyber Security Jobs

Think of Cairo and the first things that typically come to mind are pyramids, the Sphinx, and the ancient pharaohs. It’s about a 45 minute drive from downtown Cairo to the Valley of the Kings where the pyramids reside, but modern Cairo is one of those rare places in the world where the ancient co-exists with the ultra-modern.

Situated on the eastern bank of the Nile river on land reclaimed from the river’s waters, Cairo is a city that teems with people, traffic, and 24/7 activity. It surpasses even New York City and Paris when it comes to staying up late! Combine this with Cairo being the center of the Islamic world, a historic and cultural center, as well as a major filmmaking hub and you have the makings of a fascinating and fulfilling place to live and work.

Cairo is home to many Egyptian government and private enterprises all of whom require highly-qualified IT professionals and Cairo cyber security jobs are at the top of the list of many of these entities.

Cyber Security Jobs in Cairo

Cairo retains its cultural and economic prominence in Egypt ever since it was founded in 969 AD. Most of Egypt’s commerce is either transacted in Cairo or is routed through the city. The predominant business sectors based in Cairo are media, which includes publishing and film studios, medical services, and a highly-developed university system. The world’s oldest university, Al Azhar University, which was founded in 975 AD is located in Cairo. This robust economic environment has ignited a surge in building construction with 20% of all buildings in the city being less than fifteen years old! Such rapid growth caused city services such as telecom and other utilities to struggle in order to keep up.

Cairo is also home to several major auto manufacturer’s including Arab American Vehicles Company, Ghabbour Group (Fuso, Hyundai and Volvo), MCV Corporate Group (a part of the Daimler AG), Seoudi Group (Modern Motors: Nissan, BMW (formerly), El-Mashreq (Alfa Romeo and Fiat), and General Motors Egypt.

Employment opportunities exist in Cairo for all sorts of skill sets, including IT and engineering professionals. Cyber security jobs in Cairo can be found within all of the economic sectors mentioned previously.

Living and Working in Cairo

The climate in and around Cairo resembles a hot desert climate. Its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, and being in the Nile Delta, can cause the humidity in the region to get uncomfortably high. Frequent wind storms blow in Saharan dust and sometimes the air can become extremely dry. Winters are generally mild, but temperatures can drop below 50F.

Cairo is an Islamic city, but other religions coexist in loosely divided and overlapping sectors. Old Cairo contains the remnants of the ancient Roman fortress of Babylon. This sector is also known as Coptic Cairo since it has many old Christian churches which are located over the site of the Babylon fortress. Islamic Cairo is renowned for its high concentration of historic and holy Islamic monuments. Among these are the Citadel, hundreds of mosques, tombs, madrasas, and fortifications. Many important Islamic religious shrines, which include mausoleums and tombs, are located in Islamic Cairo.

Egypt, and Cairo in particular, has undergone a good deal of political and social strife in recent years. Most notably was the famous “Arab Spring” revolution that occurred in 2011, with Cairo’s Tahrir Square as its focal point. President Hosni Mubarak was removed from power during the revolution. Crime surged after the revolution and the homicide rate tripled, placing it on par with NYC. Air pollution is at a dangerously high level in Cairo and surrounding regions (visible in lead image above) due to the high concentration of inhabitants and their vehicles. This is part and parcel of “life in the big city” and Cairo may not be a good fit for those more at home in the country, however, if city life stimulates you, then Cairo might just be your next destination!

If you’re an Egyptian citizen then you’re good to go when it comes to living and working in Cairo. It’s a far different story for expats. Applying for and obtaining an Egyptian work visa is an arduous ordeal and requires a healthy dose of patience and perseverance, but the reward is well worth it for those with the right credentials and work experience.

Cairo cyber security jobs are waiting for well-qualified IT professionals, so get started training at Cybrary today!




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