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Upskill your Security Analysts with the best platform to learn
cybersecurity and prepare for cybersecurity certifications.

Leading MSSPs trust Cybrary to upskill their team and equip them with the certifications they need

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Struggling with Cybersecurity Skill Gaps
and Team Retention?

You’ve never been busier. Budgets are tight and the team is always short-handed. You’re tasked with keeping the team efficient and effective; but, team members come and go, making it seemingly impossible to find and retain great talent. Your team continually requests additional opportunities for growth, but there is never a great time to send them to training.

68% of cybersecurity professionals don't believe they have a well-defined career path or plan to get to the next level

The lack of a defined career path leaves cybersecurity professionals struggling to have a sense of direction, leading them to jump from job to job attempting to enhance their skill sets on the fly rather than in any systematic way.

Source: Enterprise Strategy Group

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52% of security professionals believe hands-on experience is most important for their career development while 44% believe hands-on experience and certifications are equally important

Managers looking for a proper solution MUST look beyond traditional certification prep programs; and find an all-in-one solution that can supplement certification training with hands-on experience.

Source: Enterprise Strategy Group

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Meet the all-in-one platform to equip
your team with the skills &
certifications they need

Quickly identify skill proficiencies to understand your team's skill gaps

Leverage targeted assessments and advanced analytics to gain a clean view into your team's skills and pinpoint areas in need of further development. Direct learning content to those that need it the most, regardless of role, function, or experience level.

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Quickly assign training goals to align to your business objectives

We've scoured through our massively growing library of content to provide you with pre-packaged assignments to get your Team started.

Training should be a core value in your business. We've made it easy for you to quickly establish training objectives.

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Map out the career paths your team needs

You're busy. Our SMEs have poured through our massively growing library of content to provide you with pre-packages assignments to get your Team started, day 1.

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Give your team the resources to earn multiple industry certifications

Cybrary provides a 12x cost reduction, per certification (as compared to traditional training). Now your team can prepare for and beginning stacking new certifications bringing a heightened level of credibility to your clients.

All backed by our Cybrary Certification Guarantee*

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Easier reporting means better insight into what your employees are learning

Make ROI reporting a breeze, report on everything training and engagement in seconds.

Your admin tool allows for deep insigt into your user's course progress and content engagement.

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Put learning into action

Provide the opportunity to put knowledge into action with exercises that simulate real-world scenarios. Enable your team to learn by doing with secure, 100% browser-based virtual labs. Mastering new tools will help your team grow confident in their abilities to perform on the job.

of professionals say hands-on experience is the most important factor in cybersecurity career development
04 Put Learning Into Action05 Put Learning Into Action

How MSSPs Use Cybrary Today

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Onboarding junior analysts to reduce time to operational readiness

Program-based onboarding plans to reduce the reliance on senior analysts for training.

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Career pathing for team members, including Tier 1, 2, and 3 Analysts

Provide visibility for career advancement to increase skill sets and retention.

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Ongoing cybersecurity skill development

Leverage an industry leading catalog of courses and hands-on labs for team upskilling.

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New certification attainment

Enable your team to earn multiple certifications as a competitive advantage.

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Allow your team members to keep their certifications up-to-date and prevent expiration.

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Budget Maximization

Provide a scalable, affordable alternative to traditional training to more team members.

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