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As technology and automation continue to advance at all levels – individual, home, networks, devices, etc. – so does the opportunity for criminals to threaten, attack, and disrupt systems. That’s why the need for consistent and continued education in the IT and cybersecurity industries is so important today. Unfortunately, the industry has a major gap between the demand for cybersecurity professionals and the number of qualified candidates to fill open jobs. Organizations have to look out for the training, knowledge, and experience of their cybersecurity teams themselves, ensuring that their IT professionals have what it takes to protect their digital assets and data.

Cybersecurity workforce development is crucial for today’s organizations to be successful. Getting your team up to speed and making sure that they continue to stay updated is essential. At Cybrary, we can help you do that.

Cybrary as an Alternative to Udacity

As an employer, you have various choices about how you train your IT or cybersecurity team, how you help employees grow and advance in their careers, and which skills are important to the team. At Cybrary, we can help you do all of those things and more. But you may be wondering about how we stack up against other IT training sites. One such site is Udacity. It’s an educational organization that offers a catalog full of open online courses. The company used to focus on university-type classes, but it changed its focus recently to more vocational course for professionals.

We feel that Cybrary is a better option for cybersecurity training for employees because Udacity tends to offer courses that cover a broader range of soft skills. So, they offer things like Microsoft Excel, communications, customer service, and other courses that are similar to those. Cybrary really dives deeper into and is a better fit for the cybersecurity and IT teams as we cover more technical, hands-on topics and are able to work through different skill sets. That means that we are able to provide courses for various experience levels, all the way from entry-level to a senior-level topics and technologies.

Cybrary also has a focus on career development that Udacity doesn’t provide. We’re able to lay out those pathways for IT and cybersecurity teams to go through to successfully advance within the career role that they're going for or they're transitioning to. That includes teaching using hands-on applications and pre-course and post-course assessments. That means that you, as a team leader, will have access to full reporting and analytics of those assessments to show your return on investment for sending your team to Cybrary for IT and cybersecurity training.

Get the Cybersecurity Training Your Employees Need with Cybrary

Cybersecurity training for your employees is easy with Cybrary. With our platform, you can align proper career development goals with your team of employees that will best serve your company. You will also be sure that your team receives the specific, hands-on, experiential training that they need, no matter what their current experience levels are.

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