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Cybrary's Catalog of Catalogs

We like to say that Cybrary is the "catalog of catalog" or "the Netflix of Cybersecurity Training," but what does that mean for you? As you evaluate your training options, whether for individual or business team use, here is what you should know. Cybrary is the:

  1. Largest Catalog for Cybersecurity and IT Content
  2. Fastest Growing Catalog and Cyber Network
  3. Most Up-to-Date with New Content Added Weekly

Cybersecurity encompasses a wide range of IT work roles and specialty areas, and there isn’t a single education program that can be expected to cover all the specialized skills and vendor-specific knowledge that every employer is looking for. However, there are some specific knowledge and skill sets that are essential for all IT and cybersecurity employees who are in critical technical work roles, regardless of the exact field they are in. Unfortunately, organizations are finding that graduates are often lacking this foundational knowledge.

The need for cybersecurity workplace development is huge, and Cybrary can help provide it for your cybersecurity team of professionals, ensuring the safety of your organization’s data and networks.

Cybrary as the Better Alternative to Pluralsight

Cybrary is dedicated to helping organizations build and grow IT and cybersecurity teams that have the training they need. But we are not the only IT learning platform that offers cybersecurity workforce development, but we do believe we’re the best. Here’s how we compare to Pluralsight, another popular online learning platforms.

Cybrary is more geared toward career development for your team. While Pluralsight does have videos and it offers assessments as Cybrary does, there is a cost (sometimes a significant cost) for enterprise companies to use Pluralsight. Cybrary, on the other hand, provides your team with those courses for free. Additionally, we are able to provide your employees with more hands-on applications such as virtual security labs, skill assessments, practice tests, and live courses. That makes it easy for us to dive into developing and advancing careers while Pluralsight focuses mainly on just the courses. They can assess the knowledge of your team, but your employees won’t get that hands-on experiential learning that will help them advance in their careers and be prepared when a real-life event happens, making it easier for you and your organization to scale up as the business grows.

Cybrary – the Right Choice for Cybersecurity Training for Your Employees

Much of what you get in terms of IT and cybersecurity training online is going to be simply watching video courses. You won’t find some of the important elements that Cybrary includes in their training like career development or experiential, hands-on training. At Cybrary, we are dedicated to helping you build and maintain knowledgeable and experienced cybersecurity professionals who will protect your organization.

We know that you have other options for online training. But we also know that when you choose Cybrary, you will not be disappointed. Your cybersecurity team will receive the education they need, at a price that will not break the bank.

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