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As cybercriminals, threats, and attacks keep getting more sophisticated, companies are facing a persistent challenge in recruiting skilled cybersecurity professionals who are capable of protecting their systems against the threat of cybercriminals. These bad actors are responsible for billions of dollars in losses each year, so the need for cybersecurity professionals has never been greater. However, we continue to see a gap between the demand for professionals and qualified candidates to fill those open roles. This gap may be what has led you to look for additional training for your employees.

As the largest catalog dedicated to learning IT and Cybersecurity, Cybrary has the fastest growing content catalog and creator network that updates daily. As you evaluate your training options, here is what you should know.

Cybrary as an Alternative to

As the leader of your IT or cybersecurity team, you have many options for your employees’ continued learning and training. At Cybrary, we can help you prepare your employees for advancement in their careers and help you fill in the gaps in knowledge and experience in your team to better provide your organization with the protection it needs. But, how do you decide if Cybrary is the best option for you? Here’s a look at why we believe Cybrary is the best alternative to

Enterprise clients would choose Cybrary over for a couple of different crucial reasons. At Cybrary, we offer courseware as well as some labs and assessments, but we are able to dive in further with more hands-on applications. We have a large network of instructors and vendors that plug into our platform. That ensures that we're able to continue bringing in the best content and keep it all up-to-date in a technological environment that is constantly changing and advancing. does everything in-house, which means that they're not as able to continue to bring in the amount of new, updated content that Cybrary is.

Another huge element that we are to provide at Cybrary is a premium customer success manager. A premium customer success manager is available to make the day-to-day management of facilitating a development program as easy as possible. This gives us the opportunity to work closely with your team, map out any customized or tailored pathways around the work roles, whether it’s towards skilling up, certifications, or moving from, say, a mid-level to a senior level within a career role. Cybrary is able to go more in-depth that other options like Additionally, we also offer reporting and analytics that will show the decision-makers of your organization the positive return on investment you’ll experience with Cybrary.

Getting Cybersecurity Training for Your Employees with Cybrary

As the leader of your cybersecurity team, you have a number of options for training your employees. One such option is However, we are confident that the better option for you, your team, and your organization is Cybrary. We focus on the things that are important to you – creating a cybersecurity team that is continually learning and advancing to provide the best security for your company’s data and systems. And our coursework is free, ensuring that you will not go over your training budget for the year, while still ensuring that your team has the knowledge and skills they need.

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