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Buenos Aires Cyber Security Jobs

Buenos Aires means “good air” in Spanish. The good air in its name refers to the fortuitous winds, courtesy of the Blessed Virgin, that propelled the original Spanish explorers to her shores. The port city of Buenos Aires is the capital and largest city in Argentina and the second largest metro area in all of South America. It also has the distinction of being designated as only one of three Latin American cities as an “alpha city.” Buenos Aires also means business in any language!

Buenos Aires feels like a slice of Europe transplanted to the continent of South America. The heavy influence of European style, architecture, and culture is felt throughout the city. The Spanish influence is the strongest, but Buenos Aires is a true melting pot of many ethnicities which includes Italians, British, Germans, as well as several Asian groups.

The port of Buenos Aires is one of the busiest in South America and serves as a strategic distribution hub for the region. The city is the financial, industrial, and commercial hub of Argentina and job opportunities abound for qualified technical workers. Buenos Aires cyber security jobs are open to those with the proper training, certification, and experience.

Cyber Security Jobs in Buenos Aires

The contribution of the various economic sectors in Buenos Aires is not what you’d expect at first glance. The lion’s share is from the well-diversified services sector chipping in a whopping 76% share. Prominent services in the economy are financial services, advertising, real estate, and lodging.

Manufacturing, though contributing a modest 16% towards the city’s economy, is still an important sector of Buenos Aires’ economy. A wide range of items are produced in the produced ranging from agricultural products to automobile manufacturing, oil refining, chemicals to clothing and beverages. There is also a large government presence in the capital city.

Cyber security jobs in Buenos Aires can be found across many of these diverse economic sectors. The need is particularly urgent in the financial services sector where networks, systems, and customer data must be protected from ever-present cyber threats. General IT skills are equally in demand across these same sectors.

Living and Working in Buenos Aires

It’s sometimes easy to forget that you’re south of the equator, in the heart of Latin America, when strolling the boulevards or relaxing in an outdoor café in Buenos Aires. However, the subtropical climate is a constant reminder that you’re in South America rather than in central Paris. Summers in Buenos Aires are hot and humid with winters tending towards the milder side.

Buenos Aires truly shines when it comes to culture and entertainment. Here again, European influence is much in evidence. The city has an active theater industry as well as a world-renown opera house. Performances and concerts take place on any given night. In addition, Buenos Aires has a wealth of museums and historical sites. The city’s large number of public libraries and bookstores has earned it the nickname: “the city of books.” And if dance is your thing, then get ready to tango! Argentina is the birthplace of tango and there are numerous tango schools and dance halls in Buenos Aires where you can perfect your moves.

Obtaining a work visa for Argentina is a multi-step process requiring two separate visits to the country along with a helping of bureaucratic red tape. You also need to be prepared to make at least a one-year commitment to your employer. The upside is that you receive national health insurance and get to jump the visa line at the airport along with regular Argentine citizens.

Buenos Aires cyber security jobs are waiting for well-qualified IT professionals, so get started training at Cybrary today!



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