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Next.Tech & Cybrary: How Data Science Skills can Benefit Cybersecurity Professionals

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February 24, 2020


Announcing the New Partnership

We are excited to announce a brand new partnership between Next Tech and Cybrary!

Keeping pace with the speed of the change in the cybersecurity industry can be one of the toughest challenges for a professional. After speaking with thousands of CISOs and security managers from leading organizations, we are finding a greater need for cybersecurity professionals to develop data science skillsets. From basic scriptwriting to automate manual tasks to leveraging machine learning for anomaly detection and generalization of malicious behavior; data science competency enables professionals to scale their activity and impact.

Next Tech’s platform for learning data science skills is parallel to none, and this partnership allows Cybrary members to develop those skills to help them prepare for new careers and develop in their current roles.

Cybrary for Business & Cybrary Insider Pro members will have access to a growing catalog of high-quality in-browser coding environments. If you have no experience in basic data science languages, you can learn the basics of Python, R, and SQL. From there, you can further strengthen your skills by going more in-depth with Deep Learning and Machine Learning in Python.


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Get Started with these Hands-on Environments:

Learn Python Programming Explore the general functionality and features of one of the most used programming languages, Python. This lab is a great launching off point for any new programmers that want to learn to code in Python.

Learning R Programming Learn the fundamentals of the R programming language, one of the most common programming languages utilized by data scientists and machine learning engineers. In this introductory lab, you will learn the basics of objects, strings, data, and expressions for use in R.

Hands-On with SQL Learn SQL by stepping into the role of a data scientist for two fictional companies.

Database Fundamentals Learn the fundamentals of SQL and databases including skills such as creating databases, adding data, deleting data, querying records, grouping results, filtering results, and much more.

Python Machine Learning (Part 1) Learn the basics of machine learning in data science by learning the key mathematics utilized in common machine learning algorithms. As this course is focused on Machine Learning in Python, you will need a basic understanding of Python Programming and basic linear algebra.

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