0P3N Guidelines

Ready to submit a content piece to 0P3N? Take a look at the following guidelines before submission. If your content does not meet the standards as outlined below, take a moment to complete any revisions and/or submit another content piece that does fall in line with 0P3N’s set of guidelines.

Guidelines for Submission

  • All content submissions must be an original, unique work of your own. Your submission cannot be a duplicate of something that you’ve previously posted on the web, nor can it be someone else’s work. Your content must serve some educational purpose, and cannot simply be a method of advertising a product.
  • Links embedded into content are acceptable, but links cannot be excessive. Excessive linking is defined as multiple links within an article or content piece that do not add overall value, but are abusive and unnecessary. If you have ten or more links in your piece, please take the time to review and make sure that they do add true value to the piece.
  • All content submissions should be uploaded with the intent to be hosted on Cybrary, and cannot not redirect to another website. I.e. posting a “here’s a link to my blog and/or product” is unacceptable and will not be approved.
  • All content submissions, in serving some educational purpose, are expected to be longer than four paragraphs. If your piece is shorter, your content WILL NOT be approved. Brief explanations and commentary should be reserved for the forums and not for the 0P3N library.
  • Very Important Note About Submitting Content Please keep in mind, all content must be wholly created by the Member making the contribution. Your content will exist solely on Cybrary, i.e. you cannot publish a piece in which the content exists on a third-party website. Content must be a non-duplicate, original work of you own. It must be under full ownership of the contributing member and must be free of all and any copyright restrictions or infringements.