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Restoring or exporting?
By: Tom_Cruiso
February 20, 2019

Restoring or exporting? Which one suits you better? Well, we are talking about your emails. We believe you are backing them up to some drive. We won’t ask you how because that depends on how and where you want it; and how your company gets the task done. Here we will be discussing ...

How to prepare for your Azure Certification
By: Vikrant Saran
February 20, 2019

Attaining azure certification is one of the most pertinent moves in your cloud career. So, before you start the preparation, the first thing to do is to decide the certifications that you must pursue to boost your career. With the new role-based Microsoft Azure certifications, you can now opt to go for precise skills that are required ...

Regular Expressions: Why do you need it in pentest and how to learn
By: Uladzislau Murashka
February 19, 2019

First, let's see why we can use regular expressions and how to use them in the context of pentest.1. Regular expressions can greatly help in the process of exploration and data collection - in order not to collect any garbage, we will be able to select only that part of the content that will be really useful for us.2. ...

Benefits of virtualization
By: widesidek
February 18, 2019

Virtualization is the process of creating a lot of machines on one machine , as if they work separately.This technology is becoming very popular due to its benefits . To understand it well , let's consider 3 protocols of virtualization : Application / OS / hardware , when virtualization is used we can considder that there are more than one ...

Social Engineering: A social way to exploit computers
By: dks11
February 17, 2019

Have you ever gotten an email titled something like “ You have an outstanding invoice ” or “YOU ARE THE LUCKY WINNER!!!! ” and (hopefully) as quickly as you saw it, deleted it? Well, this is a form of social engineering. Social engineering takes many forms and ...

Cybersecurity Internal Audit Considerations
By: Muhammad Tariq Ahmed Khan
February 15, 2019

Since the threats from cyberattacks have emerged significantly and are continuously evolving, managing cybersecurity risks has become one of the substantial challenges faced by the organizations nowadays. Organizations have put in place technical and procedural controls to attain optimum cybersecurity. Furthermore, governments and regulators have played a predominant role in improving cybersecurity posture by increasing oversight, imposing more ...

Can the Presidential Alarm System be Hacked?
By: sambocetta
February 15, 2019

The autumn of 2018 brought something new to the general alert system of the United States. While the country’s old Emergency Alert System (EAS) that’s been in place for decades is still in use, a process for using text message alerts was added. The first test of what has been dubbed the Presidential Alert System appeared ...

The Cost to Learn Computer Forensics
By: Tatianna
February 15, 2019

The Cost to Learn Computer Forensics (CHFI) Digital risks are on the rise. Companies face multiple challenges across IT environments including malicious outside attacks, insider threats and the emergence of new software and hardware vulnerabilities.The result? IT professionals with ...

Ruminations on how I became the Tech Guy in my personal and professional life
By: ragediver24
February 14, 2019

I love that we live in an era where we can communicate almost instantaneously with friends, relatives, and colleagues. I am thankful that God graced me a career field where I can work remotely and is in high demand and seems like it will always be so. Of course, no one gets where they are alone, although I did ...

My Educational Journey, advises and tricks to shift career from Police Officer to Cyber Security Specialist.
By: Ahmed Abouzid
February 14, 2019

Hello everybody... Before reading my contribution here, I will explain in the beginning the following: why I am posting this! what you will find and might learn. Index of content. ( DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME ) because I know that your ...