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Denial of Service Using Malformed NTFS Files
By: seoweb2writer
May 14, 2018

A Romanian cyber security expert released a proof-of-concept- code that exposes the vulnerabilities in Windows7 / Windows 10, which can easily cause the blue screen of death, even when the system is locked.  This rogue code helps user or hacker deliver a denial of service type attack that can crash the windows machine within minutes, even when ...

How to Footprint Web Applications
By: Dr. Michael J. Garbade
May 14, 2018

Footprinting is an essential aspect of the hacking process. It involves acquiring vital information about the computer system or application to be targeted. It can be carried out either passively or actively. The passive collection of information implies the lack of active interaction between the attacker and the targeted system. In ethical hacking, footprinting is ...

The PGP key Panic: Safety 101
By: Joeri Jungschlager
May 14, 2018

Most of us have been using PGP for at least 5 years, some even more than 10 or 20. Nothing could be more stressful than our users and more our selves with the safety of PGP,  the Asymmetric key standard for encryption of emails and files. So the article:   Attention PGP Users: New Vulnerabilities Require You To Take Action ...

Protecting Your Online Information with Encryption
By: Jessica
May 13, 2018

With the recent rash of online security incidents that include data breaches and ransomware attacks, one thing has become clear: no information online is safe. If major entities like the email provider Yahoo!, the credit bureau Equifax, and software giant Adobe can fall victim to the data breaches carried out by cyber thieves, then everyday end users are certainly ...

Has Your Email Been Hacked?
By: Jessica
May 13, 2018

Back in the day, people used to anxiously wait for the mailman to drop off mail in their residential mailboxes. Instead of waiting by the mailbox, people now constantly refresh their email apps to check for new messages in their electronic mailboxes. Fast, convenient, and within the palm of one’s hands, email gives users a sense of control, especially ...

Tulpar - Python Web Application Vulnerability Scanner + Telnetlib
By: anilbaranyelken
May 8, 2018

This brief tutorial/guide is just to provide you with some basic information about Tulpar and port scanning. Tulpar means winged horse in Turkish mythology. It is an open source web vulnerability scanner for written to make web penetration testing automated. Tulpar has the following features: Sql Injection (GET Method) XSS (GET Method) ...

How Cyber Attacks Affect Your Business!
By: thomassujain
May 7, 2018

Cybersecurity Attacks Affect Your SEO and Overall Business! Stay Secure Deploying Smart Security Measures! Every company and online businesses are aware of cybersecurity breaches! It can happen from revenue or reputation standpoint. And the result of any cybersecurity attack is the loss of business data, business reputation, and customer goodwill. And for online websites, it also affects their ...

Is Your Information on Mobile Health Apps Safe?
By: Jessica
May 6, 2018

Everything you want or need is at your fingertips with mobile devices today. You can buy groceries online and play music with the sound of your voice with smart speakers like Amazon’s Echo. This power has given people more control over their lives, and that control has also transferred into an area that impacts many: health. Mobile health apps ...

How to Keep Your Mobile Device Safe from Online Attacks
By: Jessica
May 6, 2018

When most people hear “anti-virus program” and “anti-malware,” they instantly think of desktop and laptop computers. As desktops and laptops have become life-changing mainstays in the office and home over the past 20 years, the need for protection against malicious software that can attack these computers soon followed and has become a must-have for anyone owning these devices. ...

Use Ports and Options to Identify Active Hosts and Vulnerable Services
By: Mike Ship
May 4, 2018

Nmap: Use the -sn, - -top-ports, and -sV options to Identify Active Hosts and Vulnerable Services If you are just starting out in cybersecurity and considering the area of penetration testing (Red Teaming) you may be wondering how do pentesters (or attackers for that matter) know what ports are open on ...