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Why Training is Important for Every Organization
By: lpark
June 29, 2019

Updated October 2019 Training your employees is extremely important for any type of organization. It does cost time and money - however, it can cost an organization up to three times an employee’s salary to lose them in the first year due to subpar training. Benefits of training include : Addressing opportunities ...

Creative Wardriving
By: Ki
June 28, 2019

With wardriving being around for some time, so there has been opportunities for new, innovative approaches of wardriving to develop. With the ultimate purpose of creating an accurate map of wireless networks, wardriving techniques have developed along with new technologies. This section explores the mechanics of wardriving, new developments in the technique, and ways to protect against modern ...

Top Cyber Security Threats for 2019: Shadow IT
By: lpark
June 26, 2019

Shadow IT is a cybersecurity innovation and a natural product of cloud computing services. While shadow IT networks can pose a serious security risk, they can also provide benefits in organizational efficiency. This section explores the concepts and practical applications of shadow IT networks. Into the Shadowlands No, not the 1993 movie with Anthony Hopkins… ...

Azure Blueprint Service, The new way to automate your subcription
By: vinothdarwin123
June 25, 2019

Article by Vinoth Darwin What is an Azure Blueprint: Blueprints, in the traditional sense, are used by architects and engineers to design and build new things. They are used to ensure that the final products are built to specifications and in compliance with certain standards and requirements. Same way, Azure Blueprints helps you deploy and update cloud ...

Top Cyber Security Threats for 2019: Cryptojacking
By: lpark
June 23, 2019

Cryptojacking is an attack used to illicitly generate cryptocurrency. Coin mining clients are installed covertly on target devices and run as a hidden background process. Preventing cryptojacking means securing network communications and performing regular vulnerability analysis.Cryptocurrency provides many new opportunities through legitimate and illicit means. As profitable cryptocurrency mining ventures require access to powerful hardware, cryptojacking has emerged ...

IT Certifications for Cybersecurity Professionals: Part 2
By: mketner1
June 22, 2019

TL;DR: IT certifications are absolutely necessary for many positions in the cybersecurity industry. This section further explores some of the most valuable IT certifications for cybersecurity professionals. The certifications detailed below can be found and expanded on via their official online channels. Not all IT certifications can be applied towards cybersecurity, but many network administration and ...

IT Certifications for Cybersecurity Professionals: PMP, CCDA, CEH & CRISC
By: lpark
June 21, 2019

There are many IT certifications that can be applied in a direct or general way towards positions in cybersecurity. General certifications like Project Management Professional certification can qualify candidates for a wide variety of positions and specific cybersecurity positions. Other certifications like the CEH certifications are designed specifically for cybersecurity. This section explores some of these certifications and ...

IoT Botnets
By: lpark
June 18, 2019

The Internet of Things is a new, popular trend in commercial and consumer technology, and this trend is creating new vectors of attack for malicious hackers. A new type of botnet, the IoT botnet, has emerged in the wake of the Internet of Things. This section explores the basics of botnets, how it is applied towards the IoT, ...

Choosing a File Storage System for Team Work
By: David Balaban
June 14, 2019

My team works with a big number of media data: video, rendering, photos, illustrations. To ensure the best teamwork, we need constant access to all these files. At some point, we no longer have enough storage place at our own server, and we started looking for cloud storage that ...

The Endless Scourge of Malicious Email
By: purvikshah
June 14, 2019

This blog originally appeared on the Cisco Security blog . Reposted with permission. There is no question that unwanted email is a source of annoyance. It is also the biggest source of cyber threats. In fact, just last month, spam accounted for 85 percent of all email sent . Plus, according to Verizon’s 2018 Data Breach Investigations ...