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Common Types of Cyberattacks
By: Jessica
July 1, 2018

Cyberattacks are running rampant today. It’s like an epidemic, with one major attack after another making headlines in national and worldwide news. These threats attack individuals and organizations, with mass attacks on organizations being especially catastrophic, since they compromise centralized sources of information that can impact millions of individuals and other associated entities. To the average, non-technical person, not ...

Top 5 EDB to PST Converter Software Applications
By: martinhoff6
July 1, 2018

MS Exchange Server is an email server that is widely used by SMBs as well as enterprises to store users’ data such as emails, attachments, calendar items, contacts, calendars, tasks, journals, etc. in respective mailboxes known as users’ mailboxes. All these data items are stored safely and securely in an Exchange database (EDB) file. Nonetheless, there are ...

Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair: Software Review
By: robinshanab
July 1, 2018

When working with MS Excel, encountering errors and application crashes is commonplace if the file you’re working on contains bulky data like reports, forms, formulas, charts, and the like. Such Excel files are often at a high risk of data corruption. But then, handling large data sets and performing complex operations on them is what MS Excel ...

Removing Passwords from PDF Files: Simple Tips & Tricks
By: sherry098
June 30, 2018

Almost every time, we receive our monthly bank statements or credit card statements in PDF format. These documents are password-protected, as they contain personal information, so no unauthorized person can open it. But this type of security is not useful sometimes because it annoys the user to enter the password every time to open the PDF documents. But there ...

Micro Handbook for SOC Analyst Career Path
By: ginasilvertree
June 29, 2018

In this micro handbook, we’ll cover the key elements of building a solid SOC Analyst career path. In a broad sense, security analysts help keep computing safe and work to protect computer users from loss, harm and other sorts of damage. They’re security assurance experts who constantly examine an organization's systems, ...

By: strainer
June 29, 2018

The mindset of an IR is always one of proactive and out-of-the-box thinking against both insiders and advanced persistent threat (APT’s). He is always assuming that the network has been breached and is paranoid of the adversary’s tools, techniques, and procedures (TTP’s) from any attacks.Critical reasoning, agility, and self-drive are musts for an IR. He does not rely alone ...

Tools Designed to Enhance Your Business Productivity
By: lisabrooke
June 29, 2018

The thought of productivity tools probably conjures up images of apps and technological tools. Such tools are not the routes to greater productivity though, unfortunately. In fact, technology consumes more time than it saves. Instead, you should be thinking about the following productivity tools that don’t need technology and will increase your productivity. ...

Why Become a Network Engineer?
By: Tatianna
June 28, 2018

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="332"] Courtesy of Pinterest[/caption] Technology continues to change and improve, evolving faster and faster as it advances. Along with it, careers in the information technology industry also continue to grow. As a network engineer, you will be in the heart of the technological realm. You will have a wide range of duties that include designing, building, ...

Servers to Choose From for WordPress Website Security
By: drvijayg
June 28, 2018

WordPress is one of the most widely used tools for website designing and content management systems (CMS's). Design only isn’t sufficient to set up a website. One also requires a host to keep the website running. Different hosting services for WordPress include shared, VPS, managed, and dedicated, with each having its own advantages and disadvantages. All of these hosting ...

How to Convert MSG to MBOX Format
By: angeljonson
June 27, 2018

We all understand that there are several desktop email client applications available these days. Despite the actual fact that each of those desktop email clients has its own significance, it’s a standard trend to switch from one platform to another. In this article, we'll be discussing a way to convert MSG to MBOX format and ...