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By the Book: An Ethical Hacker’s Guide to Corporate Compromise
By: Doug Bonderud
February 28, 2020

Ethical hackers are in big demand. Recent data from the the EC Council 1 indicates this role is the number one role in demand and growing, with enterprises paying on average $90,000 salary, up to $140,000 annually to secure the services of a skilled ethical hacker. Despite the positive impact of white hat hackers in identifying and remediating cybersecurity issues, ...

Learn how Chinese hackers compromised Equifax
By: Adversary
February 18, 2020

The Equifax data breach of the summer of 2017 was one of the most impactful in recent history as it exposed sensitive data for as many as 143 million US consumers. It’s recently making the news yet again as the Justice Department just charged 4 Chinese military hackers for the breach. The full story of how this ...

Understanding North Korea's Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Group 37
By: Julian Mark
February 14, 2020

One popular misconception in cybersecurity is what an advanced persistent threat (APT) is. An APT is a type of attack and not a threat actor (Lord, 2018). This attack is classified when an unauthorized user exploits a system and remains in that system undetected for a extensive period of time. APT threat actors do generally do not want to damage ...

Securing Industrial IoT
By: lpark
February 11, 2020

Enjoyed reading this Threat of the Month? Subscribe to the Threat of the Month blog series and get alerted when new blogs are published. This blog was originally posted on the Cisco Security Blog by author Ben Nahorney. Reposted with permission. It’s hard to ignore the ...

Laying the Groundwork: Three IT Training Paths to Help Build Your Career
By: SLWelty
February 10, 2020

Technology professionals are in demand as companies look to manage increasing IT complexity, optimize tech performance and deliver consistent ROI. For organizations, this presents a challenge as the need for skilled personnel outstrips available supply. But as noted by Information Week , there’s an industry shift underway as enterprises pivot toward “certified and soft skill-rich” candidates ...

3 Common Cybersecurity Career Paths and How to Get There
By: SLWelty
February 7, 2020

Today’s information technology and cybersecurity industries are exploding with job openings. In fact, there are more available positions in these fields than there are qualified professionals to fill them. There is no better time to begin a cybersecurity career than right now. Whether you are just out of college, or you are transitioning from another IT role, getting started in ...

Expanding Your Expertise: Three Courses to Specialize Your Career (and Boost Your Salary)
By: SLWelty
February 5, 2020

Demand for skilled IT professionals is exploding — companies can’t find enough skilled, entry-level staff and the problem is getting worse. Adoption of “new collar” approaches that prioritize skillsets and industry certifications over traditional post-secondary programming are beginning to bridge the gap, but the increasing scale and scope of technology presents a new challenge: Finding intermediate IT pros with the ...

From Privacy to Trust and ROI
By: SLWelty
January 31, 2020

This blog was originally posted on Cisco Security Blog by author Robert Waitman. Reposted with permission. As we embark on a new decade, data privacy has become top-of-mind for business executives and consumers worldwide. Data breaches frequently expose the personal data of millions, and many companies have not done enough to protect themselves from intentional ...

Letter To The Community: Cybrary's Next Chapter
By: SLWelty
January 27, 2020

Dear Cybrarians, Prior to launching Cybrary, Ralph and I had worked more than 10 years in the traditional brick-and-mortar classroom business. During that time we uncovered the countless issues that have been plaguing the industry, the most egregious of which was the high cost of training. Years of allowing for $3000-$5000 classes created high barriers to entry, and a general lack ...

Cloud G Suite to Office 365 Migration - Complete Tutorial
By: Frosty Orange
January 17, 2020

How to Migrate G Suite (Google Apps) to Office 365? In this post, we will describe two methods to perform cloud to cloud migration from Google G Suite to Microsoft Office 365 domain. This includes a complete guide to migrate emails, contacts, calendars, and documents from one domain to another without losing any information. Microsoft provides users with a ...