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Linux Basics for Hackers (Book Review)
By: jwhite2018
December 20, 2018

As an assistant mentor on Cybrary, I get asked a lot "how much Linux do I need to study security?" What I really hear is "Hey, I get it: more is better, but do I really need to be a deeply skilled/certified  Linux admin with years of hands-on experience  before I can even start on my Security+ or the CEH?" In other words, ...

Staying Safe Online
By: Iselin
December 19, 2018

Understanding the internet In order to make something safe and secure, one needs to be aware of the threats. In this article I will explain my personalized steps to greatly increase your online security. Passwords This cannot be mentioned enough. The very first thing we do after installing a system on a platform is to create a ...

Relevance of Simple Predictive Models
By: predictorx
December 18, 2018

Simple Predictive Models: Despite the explosion of interest in complex predictive models such as SVN ( Subversion , i.e. version control system), random forests and deep learning, much benefit may be derived from relatively simple models such as linear or logistic regression and simple (bivariate) curve-fitting. Simple models are easy to construct (linear models have been a part ...

TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.3 - What's the Difference?
By: hempelge
December 18, 2018

TLS (Transport Layer Security) was developed as a descendant of SSL in order to provide a secure channel between two communicating peers (i.e., web browsers and servers). The main intent of TLS is to authenticate peers, prevent eavesdropping, and tamper-proof communications by validating the authenticity of messages. The protocol aims to authenticate all data, maintain the integrity of the ...

Career Readiness: Developing Yourself at Any Stage of Your IT/Cyber Career
By: ginasilvertree
December 17, 2018

According to the careertech.org website, “A career-ready person effectively navigates pathways that connect education and employment to achieve a fulfilling, financially-secure and successful career.” This site also notes that a career is more than just a job and career readiness has no defined endpoint. Further, to be career ready in an ever-changing global economy requires adaptability ...

How Haaz Skipped the Entry-Level Job and Shattered the "No Experience" Barrier
By: SLWelty
December 14, 2018

Haaz is an Insider Pro member who used Cybrary to successfully change career fields. Prior to Cybrary, Haaz encountered many adversities when applying to entry-level jobs with little to no experience. Cybrary’s online learning community gave Haaz the tools and knowledge necessary to wow companies and win interviews. Read more about his journey in his own words:  The ...

All •Cybrary LIVE courses are FREE to attend Monday 12/10 and Tuesday 12/11
December 8, 2018

 Monday and Tuesday, December 10th and 11th, we are offering •Cybrary LIVE courses FREE to all users! For these two days only, you can attend any live course to experience the power of the unlimited access Insider Pro ...

Balancing Network Risk and Cost by Scale
By: Guest Writer
December 6, 2018

It is not always an easy task determining which approach and what amount of resources are necessary to secure networks from cyber attacks. Protecting important information is essential when resources are at risk, but there are wasteful approaches and limited resources ...

Networking Part 3: Routing Metrics, Tables, Broadcast Domains, SPAN Ports
By: Iselin
December 5, 2018

Routing Metrics “Qualities used to determine best path” • Hop count: how many other routers does a signal need to pass?• Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU): The maximum size of a single packet we can send. Bandwidth and ports limit how much data can be pushed through• Casts: reliability, Roundtrip, cost etc.• ...

Quora Data Breach Affects ~100,000,000 Customers.
By: Joe (Research Director)
December 4, 2018

Just the Facts Monday night (for me, I'm in England at the moment), the question/answer site Quora.com reported a data breach potentially affecting 100 million accounts (for those who read my last article, this is about a 1.5 on the  Thriller  scale). According to their release, the following information was obtained by attackers: ...